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Petrobras breaks annual record in CO2 capture, use and storage

According to a press release from the company last Thursday, February 23, Petrobras established a record in CO2 capture, use and geological storage (the so-called Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage - CCUS) in 2022, reaching the mark of 10.6 million tons reinjected (equivalent to 5.8 billion m³ of CO2).

According to the Global CCS Institute, the amount represents about 25% of the total CO2 injected by the global industry last year.

Currently, the 21 platforms operater by Petrobrás in the Santos Basin pre-salt, incorporate CCUS technology associated with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). By reinjecting the gas into the reservoir, production efficiency is increased and the intensity of GHG emissions, measured in emissions per barrel produced, is reduced. And as this operation is at the pre-salt fields, this puts Petrobras in a vanguard position for the application of reinjection technology in ultra-deep waters, which the other oil companies in the world have been doing onshore or in regions with much shallower water depths.

As we reported a few days ago, the big oil companies like Halliburton Energy Services Inc., Saudi Arabian Oil Co. and Schlumberger Technology Corp. are also the largest in terms of the number of patent applications for new technologies .

Several studies - "Net Zero by 2050" by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and "Global Status of CCS 2022" by the Global CCS Institute, for example - highlight CCUS as one of the main enablers for achieving the so-called Net Zero by 2050. The first Congress on CCS in Brazil was held in September last year. Click here to access our posts on CCS with all these references .

And at the image below for the Petrobras press release.


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