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Network Governance: Connecting Stakeholders.

Today is Sunday, September 24, 2023.

The title above is the theme of the next Congress of the IBGC, Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance - the largest in Brazil and one of the main in the world in corporate governance - which takes place on October 17th and 18th, 2023, online and in person in São Paulo, Brazil.

According to IBGC “in a globalised and hyper-connected world, collective intelligence and action become indispensable conditions for the longevity of an organisation. And, to achieve this, governance agents need to broaden their perspective to all interested parties”.

See some panels here:

- Climate litigation and the responsibility of administrators;

- Carbon market: who is interested?

- Leadership that inspires and engages new generations;

- Governance in startups;

- Governance of artificial intelligence;

- Ecological Transition, behaviour and circularity.

Very cool!

We had already posted about the last IBGC Congress and a pioneering course.

In fact, we gave the following testimony about the course:

“I confess that was surprised to see the topic "Carbon Credits" on the IBGC agenda, being a member for many years. But being also a long-time enthusiast of the topic myself, I didn't think twice and rushed to sign up for the 1st edition of the new course "Carbon Market and Governance Agenda", which IBGC organised in the first half of 2023 (I also shared it among some acquaintances and on my blog). The coordination by Cinthia Caetano was great, a true “maestrina”. I also remember Rogério Melo's talk, which was very complete. Finally, it was especially cool to have Fabio Galindo, CEO of a company / startup working in the area, to share - enthusiastically - practical experience, challenges and opportunities. Although legal, accounting and Brazilian regulatory issues are still being structured, it is important to see IBGC's leading role and advocacy in this regard. And perhaps another Governance community is being structured: Carbon Credits."

Click on the image below for details about the Congress, which was curated by 14 admirable professionals, including Gabriela Blanchet, Flávia Mouta, Hsieh Yuan and Otávio Villares.


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“I am among those who think that science has great beauty”

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