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IBGC: Carbon Market and Governance Agenda

Today's post is about the "Carbon Market and Governance Agenda Course", the first on this topic being organized by the IBGC, the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, founded in 1995 and a national and international reference in corporate governance matters.

Already in its 23rd. Congress last year, IBGC had organised, among others, the excellent panel “Carbon Credit Markets, Climate Governance and Boards of Directors”, with Carlos Martins, Marco Antonio Fujihara and Nelmara Arbex.

And now the course, which according to the IBGC, "If you are a professional with experience and/or extensive knowledge in corporate governance, who intends to have a solid background and create awareness in elementary concepts on climate governance, solutions based on nature and carbon market, this course is for you."

The structure of the program is the following:

  • Regulation of the Global and National Carbon Market (Brazil)

  • Corporate Climate Governance and Net-zero Commitments

  • Carbon Market: Challenges and Opportunities of Supply and Demand

The online course will be in Brazilian Portuguese and will last 16 hours, divided into 4 late afternoons, in the second half of May 2023. Its coordinator will be Cinthia Caetano, Corporate VP of Future Carbon Group and leader of the Future Carbon Academy business unit.

Enrollment - with prerequisites and subsequent payment - will be open up to May 18 or until vacancies last. Click at the image below for more details.

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