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NASDAQ's "Natural Language Processing": Corporate ESG Priorities in 1Q23

Leveraging on proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, Nasdaq's ESG Advisory team analyzed the earnings call transcripts of constituents in the Russell 3000 and MSCI USA ESG, known leaders to track the evolution of ESG discussions in the capital markets.

The results can be utilized to guide corporate strategy, disclosure, and discussion, as well as inform companies about ESG priorities at the country, sector, and industry level. Here some of the highlights.

In these Q1’23 earnings calls:

  • 91% of the MSCI USA ESG Leaders and 80% of the Russell 3000 discussed ESG

  • and 43% and 29%, respectively, received ESG questions

Key Topics Covered in ESG Earnings Analysis were:

  • Climate: energy, basic materials, and utility sectors. Climate subtopics discussed included renewable fuel and energy, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and decarbonization strategies.

  • Human Capital Management: training, company culture, and workforce.

Additionally, also Environmental Management, Product Sustainability, ESG Strategy & Reporting, Supply Chain Management, Social Impact, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics & Compliance

Breakdown of the important ESG topics per sector was also interesting:

  • Basic Materials: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), Waste, Water, Product Sustainability, ESG Reporting

  • Consumer Cyclicals: Community Engagement

  • Consumer Non-Cyclicals: Product Sustainability

  • Energy: Water

  • Industrials: Product Sustainability, ESG Reporting

  • Technology: Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Utilities: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), Biodiversity, Water, Community Engagement

Click at the image below to download the report, upon registration.

Nasdaq Stock Market, based in New York City, is the most active stock trading venue in the United States by volume.

The Russell 3000 Index, established in 1984, measures the performance of the largest 3,000 U.S. companies representing approximately 96% of the investable U.S. equity market.

The MSCI USA ESG is an index designed to target companies with positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors while exhibiting risk and return characteristics similar to those of its parent index MSCI USA. Tobacco and Controversial Weapons companies, as well as major producers of Alcohol, Gambling, Firearms, Military Weapons and Nuclear Power, are not eligible for inclusion.


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