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Mckinsey and "Nature in Balance": What companies can do to restore natural capital

On Wednesday, March 29, Carbon Credit Markets attended a webinar from McKinsey titled "Nature in Balance".

Slides were so interesting that we asked authorization to share here (thank you Tony Hansen, Director, Natural Capital and Nature, McKinsey & Company).

The webinar covered:

  • Why is the depletion of natural capital an acute crisis?

  • What sectors contribute to the depletion?

  • What actions can companies take to reverse the trend?

  • What are the ROI positive opportunities?

And the following 5 planetary boundaries are discussed in details, per sector:

  • Biodiversity loss, the genetic and functional diversity of life that allows the biosphere to persist

  • Forest cover loss, the land/sea interaction with the atmosphere e.g., via energy or water transfer

  • Freshwater consumption, extraction of water from rivers and lakes and the water in the soil available to plants

  • Chemical pollution, new substances with the potential to impact the entire Earth system e.g., plastics

  • Nutrient pollution, biogeochemical flows, e.g., nitrogen and phosphorous which cause anoxic events

Three other boudaries are mentioned but not analyised: aerosol loading, ocean acidification and ozone depletion.

McKinsey estimates that, together, corporate levers could bring the world back within at least three of the planetary boundaries by 2050. And indicates several opportunity levers with positive ROI.

In other words, companies can benefit - financially - from taking urgent action on nature.

The PDF presentation is attached and McKinsey welcomes you to download the full report on their insights page on the website.

NiB Webinar LatAm PDF for distribution
Download PDF • 1.57MB


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