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Integrity: Voluntary Carbon Markets Initiative (VCMI) announces 2023 timeline of publications

Following the launch of the provisional Claims Code in June 2022 and subsequent comprehensive public consultation and road-testing, VCMI will publish coming 28th June 2023 a Claims Code of Practice to be used by the carbon credit markets stakeholders.

Integrity. The Claims Code of Practice has been developed to give buyers of carbon credits confidence and clarity in their use and associated claims. It provides guidance on when and under what circumstances companies can credibly make voluntary use of carbon credits, as well as what companies can claim about that, as part of their decarbonisation strategies.

Companies that are ready to demonstrate climate leadership, by putting the foundations in place for high integrity use of carbon credits, can commence using this Code that will be released in June. After that, between July and November, a number of additional modules will be added to provide further user information, templates, and guidance. These will facilitate use of the Code and allow for broader public implementation of VCMI Claims.

From November onwards, the companies will be able to publicly announce their VCMI Claims using this integrity related Code.

Click at the image below to know more about the launch of the VCMI Claims Code of Practice


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