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The use of carbon credits: the provisional Code of Practice by the VCMI*

* Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity (VCMI) Initiative is a multistakeholder platform to drive credible, net zero- aligned participation in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs). With the intention to develop and communicate guidance on how carbon credits can be voluntarily used and claimed as part of credible, net zero decarbonization strategies, it is proposing this provisional "Claims Code of Practice" document for comments until no later than August 12, 2022. It is based on several months of deliberation among VCMI’s Expert Advisory Group, which comprises 37 carbon market technical experts from around the world, as well as input from key stakeholders. Purpose, Audience, Scope, Practice, Governance and Glossary of Key Terms are discussed in the document, All stakeholders are invited to participate in an open public consultation to provide input. Please click below to access the provisional document.


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