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India's green hydrogen strategy: protagonism and billions in investments

Many major economies have declared Hydrogen strategies as part of the broader climate and clean energy related actions. Here is India's Mission strategy to become a major green hydrogen production hub, with plans to reach at least 5 Million tonnes of Green Hydrogen per annum by 2030, with potential to expand to 10 Million tonnes per annum with growth of export markets.

Nearly $100 billion of investment are also expecte by 2030. By the same year, 50 million tonnes per annum of CO2 Emissions are expected to be averted.

The overarching objective of the Mission is to make India the global hub for production, usage and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives.

According to the document "National Green Hydrogen Mission", green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, can directly replace fossil fuel derived feedstocks in petroleum refining, fertilizer production, steel manufacturing etc. Hydrogen fuelled long-haul automobiles and marine vessels can enable decarbonisation of the mobility sector. green hydrogen can be particularly useful as a versatile energy carrier for meeting energy requirements of remote geographies, including islands, in a sustainable manner.

The Mission also indicates the plan to replace th hydrogen produced from fossil fuel sources with Green Hydrogen in ammonia production and petroleum refining, blending green hydrogen in city gas distribution systems, production of steel with green hydrogen, and use of green hydrogen-derived synthetic fuels (including green ammonia, green methanol, etc.) to replace fossil fuels in various sectors including mobility, shipping, and aviation.

The costs of input renewable energy and the electrolysers are the two major components of green hydrogen production cost. India plans to become a leader in these technologies and their manufacture.

Wants to know more ? Click on the image below to read the full document (28 pages in English), including the several technologies and risk mapping, and see how their several Ministeries will coordinate governance and effots in the various phases of India's hydrogen plan.


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