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Greencoding is the new frontier of software development

This was one of the lectures at the closing of the FebrabanTech 2022 Congress, yesterday, August 11, 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil. Have you ever thought about the carbon emissions of software and hardware? Let’s take a look at some of the “touches in the brain” that Tim Schade, senior software architect at GFT Technologies company gave us:

  • compressing a 200kb HTML file into a 20kb GZIP would save 10kg of CO2 per year (!).

  • a laptop working 8h/day (138 Watt/h of energy) would represent 422g of CO2 per working day: 8 trees per year!

  • … 0.09 g per search.

In other words, towards carbonneutral, climatepositive or netzero goals, action can be taken on 3 different fronts:

  • offset / offsets / #carboncreditmarkets

  • reduce emissions through the use of green energy, or

  • reduce consumption

And it is in the reduction of energy consumption that Greencoding comes in, the efficiency of software / hardware. Here are some examples for the more technical ones:

  1. from json to avro

  2. from Tomcat to Jetty as a servlet container inside Spring Boot

  3. share the same Azure subscription between apps for cluster

  4. Kubernetes databases, second level caching between database and application

And when thinking about the hardware part, don't forget that in addition to the laptop, there are smartphones, datacenters, networks, desktops, TVs and other devices. Click on the image below to learn more about GFT Technologies company's Greencoding solutions.


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