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FlyZero: New Hydrogen Plane Can Fly Halfway Around the World Without Refueling

A U.K. government-backed research firm, Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), revealed a new liquid-hydrogen-powered airliner concept called FlyZero.

As you may know, liquid hydrogen is a lightweight fuel, which has three times the energy of kerosene and sixty times the energy of batteries per kilogramme and emits no CO2 when burned.

According to the company, the 279-seater could fly from London to San Francisco - halfway around the World - without refueling.

The new concept aircraft’s 54-metre wingspan carries two turbofan engines and will store hydrogen in cryogenic fuel tanks system, keeping them at a temperature of minus 250°Celsius (minus 418°Fahrenheit).

ATI estimates that "highly-efficient hydrogen-powered aircraft" will "have superior operating economics compared to conventional aircraft from the mid-2030s onwards.

Click at the image below for company's press release . There are also a series of FlyZero Reports . And here for an article by Interesting Engineering .


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