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First Brazilian Climate Business opens office in London

"We're excited! Latin America's first carbon company in London. Europe's biggest impact hub."

That's what Fábio Galindo, Founder & CEO of the Future Carbon Group based in Brazil indicated in a conversation yesterday with Carbon Credit Markets. Check out the great news:

"Future Carbon Group London! 🇬🇧🇧🇷

Today is a very happy day in the life of our Future Carbon. We officially set up our headquarters in London!

We are in a global hub of impact entrepreneurs, created by Paul Polman, focused on positive social and climate impacts.

We were selected in a very competitive process, and we are the first Latin American company in the English hub. We are with companies from 25 different countries.

It is relevant to participate, interact, have an active voice, dialogue, convince, and that is why we decided to cross the Atlantic and bring Amazon and climate solutions to the United Kingdom and all of Europe!

Now Future Carbon Group is São Paulo, but also Manaus, Cuiabá and London!!

This is our dream, to connect the dots, reduce distances, “close the gap”, so that the climate agenda gains more and more traction!

Let's go "full steam" Future Carbon team.

6, Langley Street, Mayfair, London, UK 🇬🇧"

Carbon Credit Markets congratulates Fábio and the entire Future Carbon Group team.

Click at the image below for Future Carbon's website.


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