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ESG tax tracker: KPMG Meijburg global developments in ESG-related taxes, incentives, and grants

"Does Japan have a carbon tax? Has the Spanish plastic tax already been introduced? What corporate tax relief does Nigeria have for renewable energy providers? ". What about Brazil, China and India ? And United States ?

If yesterday we posted about the status of the new hydrogen economy in a significant group of European countries, based on a global law firm comprehensive analysis, today we post something similar but on another topic: insights into the global ESG and Sustainability landscape for taxes, incentives and grants.

The "ESG Tax Tracker" prepared by KPMG Meijburg, covering individually about 65 countries and jurisdictions.

According to KPMG Meijburg, "Governments across the globe are introducing tax measures and incentives to positively influence behaviors that are impacting the environment and contributing to climate change. Governments must fulfill their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as they strive to control and mitigate climate change. From a global perspective, we are seeing the implementation of environmental taxes, such as new carbon and plastic taxes, the expansion of the scope of carbon pricing systems, and various funding opportunities to support green investments, such as sustainable energy transitions."

For companies it is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also benefiting from incentives and grants available to them. And for the people, to keep engaged. And engaging.

Click at the image below to access the KPMG ESG Tax Tracker published April 5, 2023. But do it quick. Legislation is changing rapidly.


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