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Each Country's Share of CO2 Emissions. Since 1750. (by Union of Concerned Scientists).

As the "Union of Concerned Scientists" indicate: "we share information, seek the truth, and let our findings guide our conclusions. It’s a powerful formula".

Click on the image below (website in English and Spanish) to see and navigate their total and per-capita data "Each Country's Share of CO2 Emissions".

The "Union of Concerned Scientists" was founded in 1969 by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That year, the Vietnam War was at its height and Cleveland’s heavily polluted Cuyahoga River had caught fire.

Click here, article from the Smithsonian Magazine, to know about the story of the Cuyahoga River fire in June 1969, the establishment of the US Environmental Protection Agency in January 1970, the 1,000 students march down to the river for the country’s first Earth Day ou April 1970, and the article “Our Ecological Crisis” featured at National Geographic in their December 1970 cover story.

If more interested in the Mission and Values of "Union of Concerned Scientists", its worth clicking here .


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“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty”

Madame Marie Curie (1867 - 1934) Chemist & physicist. French, born Polish.

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