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Curitiba solar pyramid attracting visits from Brazilian municipalities

A week ago, a delegation from Itapevi, São Paulo, was in Curitiba to see the Solar Pyramid - Caximba Photovoltaic Park, with all its appeal to innovation and sustainability.

Curitiba had already been visited by authorities from Goiânia, an important capital in the Brazilian Midwest. "The Solar Pyramid of Curitiba is a sustainability reference for the whole country, as it has given new life to an area that is difficult to handle, a landfill, in an innovative proposal for the production of renewable energy, with a huge environmental gain that we want to replicate " indicated a secretary from Goiás.

As sanitary landfills cannot receive buildings, photovoltaic modular structures would be opportunities.

Itapevi wants to replicate this idea in a disused landfill. The city is part of greater São Paulo, with 21.9 million inhabitants. Nearby is Caieiras, site of the largest landfill in Brazil (and third in the world) with a capacity to receive 10,625 tons of solid waste per day.

The first solar plant installed on a landfill in Latin America, the Curitiba project is located in the Caximba neighborhood and was inaugurated in March. From the beginning, the project caught the attention of several mayors as a smart city solution:

  • 8.6 thousand panels

  • 4.55 MWp of power

  • 30% of the energy of public buildings in the municipality

  • BRL 2.6 million in annual savings for the City Hall

The Solar Pyramid, which hosts guided tours to raise environmental public awareness, was funded by the Cities Finance Facility, in collaboration with the C40 Cities for Climate Leadership and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Click on the image below to learn more.

Regarding carbon credits, it is worth recalling that - in addition to "nature based solutions" - also the capture of gas from landfills, solid waste disposal sites (SWDS) without a structure for capturing and / or destroying biogas and renewable energy projects, solar and wind plants, have the potential for structuring. Obviously under certain conditions and - for now - only in the voluntary market, while Brazil its on its way to define a legislation in this regard.


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