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Curitiba, Brazil: Smart City and biomethane and gas buses

Smart City Expo Curitiba Brazil 2023 started this Wednesday (22) and runs until tomorrow.

Among many innovations, the highlight of the importance of natural gas and biomethane for sustainable urban mobility.

Companhia Paranaense de Gás (Compagas) is presenting in the Tomorrow Mobility space a bus and a truck powered by gas, currently in the testing phase in the streets of Curitiba. Both manufactured by the Swedish Scania, the vehicles leave the factory ready to use 100% gas and/or biomethane, or a mixture of both, and can be put into use immediately.

According to the company, natural gas fuel, even though it is of fossil origin, is less polluting than liquid fuels, largely because of its cleaner burning, with less soot and less generation of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the main greenhouse gases (GHG) . Compared to diesel, vehicles powered by CNG can emit up to 20% less CO2, as the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is almost 90% and particulate matter reaches 85%. It is therefore an energy transition fuel, leaving diesel behind.

But don't stop there. A few weeks ago, the same Compagas received proposals from 12 different companies, in the public call for the purchase of biomethane, adding up to a supply potential of over 380,000 m³/day.

Biomethane may come from sugar and ethanol plants, swine, cattle and viculture, as well as landfills and sewage treatment plants. Data from the Associação Brasileira de Biogás (ABiogás) indicate that national production of biomethane is currently at approximately 400,000 m³/day, but has the potential to reach 30 million m³/day by 2030. In Paraná, potential production is estimated at more than 2 million m³/day.

Click on the image to learn more about the Paraná program that elaborates a new public policy for biogas, biomethane and green hydrogen. The forecast for the official announcement is between the 18th and 20th of April, during the South Brazilian Forum on Biogas and Biomethane, which will take place in Foz do Iguaçu .


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