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COP-28: Net-Zero Transition Charter.

Today is Thursday, November 9, 2023.

The COP-28 UAE Presidency introduces the 'Net-Zero Transition Charter', encouraging the private sector to take meaningful climate action and commit to greater transparency and integrity in their net-zero journey.

"This Charter serves to encourage organizations to make public net-zero emissions pledges and targets, underpinned by high integrity and quality, produce credible and transparent transition plans, and publish periodic, accurate, complete, and transparent reporting on their progress. For organizations at the beginning of their journey to net zero, this Charter should act as a beacon, which will help to provide guidance on the steps that can be taken to strengthen their position to take net-zero science-based, credible, and transparent pledges."

By signing this Charter, organizations commit to publicize / report:

(1) 1.5 degree alignment, science-based, credible and transparent Net Zero 2050 and interim emissions reduction targets;

(2) a credible net-zero transition plan (before 2024's COP-29);

(3) annual GHG emissions and progress on their net-zero commitment and transition plan;

and (4) emission data and reduction pathways.

Additionally and within a period of one year - except for those designated as small or medium-sized enterprises - companies must have their emissions data and reduction pathways assessed by an independent third party.

By committing to net-zero emissions, businesses "not only mitigates the risk of exacerbating social inequalities but also fosters collaboration and partnerships with communities, governments, and civil society organizations to ensure that the energy transition is just and avoids marginalization."

Companies who meet all required criteria by November 15, 2023, will be already acknowledged at the COP-28 website.

Click at the image below to read more about the requirements, download frequently asked questions, the full chart and - ultimately - sign up for the action.

The digitally-enabled version of the Accountability Charter is provided by EY, COP-28 Presidency's Strategic Business Partner.


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