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Climate Change, All Around in the Movies

This is the title of a Bloomberg article about films where climate change is a main character. From silly action flicks to serious documentaries, "worth watching".

But before we list them, here is a recent video from Euronews, "2022 video recap: The year that devastating floods, heatwaves and droughts gripped Europe". Its a 4 minutes video showing extreme weather events that plagued Europe every week since August.

"Iceland: hundreds stranded amid extreme weather" is another Euronews video about what happened in Iceland about 10 days ago.

Here is the list of films by Bloomberg Green team. By the way, the original article is here and after each name we included link to a trailler at YouTube.

  1. Alcarràs (2022). Rural way of life that’s disappearing ... to cut the trees, install solar panels and switch to farming clean power (!)

  2. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (2020). Documentary by a British broadcaster and biologist.

  3. Chasing Coral (2017). About climate change’s consequences to this form of life.

  4. The Nice Guys (2016). Car pollution and catalytic converter.

  5. Interstellar (2014). Spacial mission to find a new home for humanity after Earth’s agriculture fails.

  6. Snowpiercer (2013). Earth back on a catastrophic ice age.

  7. Wall-E (2008). A garbage-collecting robot in a planet, now a wasteland covered in litter.

  8. The Mist (2007). Sinister air, social turmoil, denial of evidence and failure of collective action in the face of disaster.

  9. The Day After Tomorrow (2004). End-of-the-world, climate, giant waves, tremendous storms etc.

  10. Princess Mononoke (1997). The conflict between commerce and nature.

  11. Waterworld (1995). About life after the ice caps melt. And the strugle for drinking water.

  12. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992). About pollution and destruction of the rainforest.

  13. Soylent Green (1973). About the future. Year 2022 (!). Dystopian, overpopulation, dead oceans, year-round heat and humidity, water, food and shelter all scarce.

We conclude by quoting the Bloomberg Green team: "And as 2022 draws to a close — friends and family gathering together — you may find yourself looking for a film everyone can agree ...".


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