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Caximba Solar Pyramid in Curitiba, Brazil.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

Today we will update an article that we originally published in 2021, when it was still the announcement of a project. At the time the text was as follows.

“Project in Caximba: solar panels will be installed in the highest part of a landfill, where there are walls with 75 meters of condensed waste. When ready, the plant should produce 18,600 megawatts annually, which is equivalent to 43% of the energy consumed by all administrative buildings in Curitiba. In addition to the project in Caximba, resources will go to solar panels at Rodoferroviária and three bus terminals.”

It has been ready and operating since March 2023, when Curitiba celebrated its 330th anniversary.

According to Curitiba City Hall, this is the first solar plant installed on a landfill in Latin America.

Here the main features:

  • 8.6 thousand panels

  • 4.55 MWp of power

  • 30% of the energy of public buildings in the municipality

  • 100% local labor

  • R$ 2.6 million in annual savings for the municipality

It is worth mentioning a social perspective. Unlike in the past when it was “just” a deactivated landfill, today the people who live in the surrounding area are proud to say where they live.

Perhaps this is also why the project has been attracting the attention of several other mayors, as a smart city solution, like we have also posted about in “Curitiba solar pyramid attracting visits from Brazilian municipalities”.

Just a few days ago, a delegation of Board Members, members of the Paraná Chapter of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance IBGC, visited the site. Click below for the summary of the visit (4 pages, in Portuguese), very well written by experts Silvia Elmor and Gustavo F. Sbrissia.

Artigo IBGC Paraná Caximba ESG. Abril 2024
Download PDF • 131KB

The Caximba Solar Pyramid, which receives guided tours to raise environmental awareness among the population, was financed by the Cities Finance Facility, in collaboration with C40 Cities for Climate Leadership and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The name Caximba refers to the neighbourhood of Curitiba where it is located.

Click on the image below to go to the page “Pirâmide Solar de Curitiba” on the City Hall portal.

Tomorrow we will publish about the innovative solar panels in Curitiba's bus terminals.


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