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Carbon World News: China unveils methane cutting plan.

Today is Friday, December 22, 2023.

China, one of the world’s largest emitter of methane said it will boost monitoring, reporting and data transparency to reduce releases of the super-potent greenhouse gas.

As we reported earlier, methane is an invisible, odorless gas with more than 80 times the warming power of CO2. And natural gas, a common byproduct of oil rigs, is mainly composed by methane and usually burned off on site on an average rate of 200 kg per hour.

According to China daily, the "Methane Emissions Control Action Plan / 甲烷排放控制行动方案" document was issued last October 8, 2023 by 11 national government bodies, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

The plan indicates a series of specific targets in different sectors.

After initial topics such as Guiding principles (指导思想), Working principles (工作原则) and Main objectives (主要目标), here are the key tasks (重点任务 ):

(1) Strengthen the construction of methane emission monitoring, accounting, reporting and verification systems (一)加强甲烷排放监测、核算、报告和核查体系建设。

(2) Promote methane emission control in the energy sector (二)推进能源领域甲烷排放控制。

(3) Promote methane emission control in the agricultural sector (三)推进农业领域甲烷排放控制。

(4) Strengthen methane emission control from garbage and sewage treatment (四)加强垃圾和污水处理甲烷排放控制。

(5) Strengthen coordinated control of pollutants and methane (五)加强污染物与甲烷协同控制。

(6) Strengthen technological innovation and methane emission control supervision (六)加强技术创新和甲烷排放控制监管。

(7) Accelerate the construction of a regulatory, standards and policy system (七)加快构建法规标准政策体系。

and (8) Strengthen global methane governance and cooperation (八)加强全球甲烷治理与合作。

About this last global cooperation related task, the document adds: "Through South-South cooperation on climate change and the “One Belt, One Road” Green Development International Alliance and other platforms, jointly promote global methane cooperation. Participate in methane dialogue and cooperation related to low-emission technologies, equipment and product certification standards".

The document also mentions the need for organization, planning, coordination, responsibilities, publicity, training, evaluation and supervision.

Click at the image below for the article from China Daily.

And here for the official 11-pages announcement document. In order to add fresh contents to our readers, as it is in Chinese, we used Google translator.

Last but not least, recall here our post "Methane: Innovation on the Production of Methanol.", not only for its contents, but for the M2X Energy website, the latest satellite flare map by SkyTruth, with over 16,000 gas-releasing flaring sites (burning basically methane) across the globe.


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