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Carbon credits: blockchain and tokenization status

Issues such as blockchain and tokenization have also stirred the carbon credit market. Both on the business side and on the certifiers side.

On the business side, last week saw the launch of the Carbon Opportunities Fund by a consortium made up of the International Finance Corporation (, an arm of the World Bank), Cultivo (, Aspiration ( and Chia Network ( It is a global investment platform that will raise capital to develop models and innovate in the origination, tokenization and trading of carbon credits. Click here to read the original press release.

From the point of view of certifiers, there is also pressure for an evolution of standards, accompanying technological and disruptive innovations. A few days ago, a group of 4 Regenerative Finance organizations (ReFi, Regenerative Finance), KlimaDAO (, C3 (, SCB Group ( and Brazilian startup MOSS ( released an open letter defending their way of acting and demanding more speed from Verra - Verified Carbon Standard, an important certifier of carbon credit standards - at the public hearing on the new rules. Click here for the open letter. In May, Verra announced the suspension of blockchain and crypto tokenization and suggested it would be focusing on a “closed and proprietary system” for recording carbon credits, which led to criticism from the ReFi and blockchain-enabled community. Remember here. If you are interested, on the 8th of September Verra will organize a Webinar to address the public consultation that will take place between the 31st of August and the 30th of September and will be announced on the Verra website. You can also register to participate in the Webinar by clicking here.

And finally, click on the image below for the Infomoney article entitled “World Bank and blockchain platform join in carbon credit tokenization project”.


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