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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: Big Oil and Startups

To conclude a series of articles on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS/CCS) today we commented on ExxonMobil of the United States, which is also investing in expanding carbon capture and storage at its LaBarge, Wyoming facility. According to the company, the unit has already captured more CO2 than any other facility in the world. The expansion will add 1.2 million metric tons of CO2 in addition to the 6-7 million metric tons captured at LaBarge each year. Click on the image below (Rextag) to read the press release.

Below is a selection of posts we made about CCUS

- Sinopec, China

- Aramco, Saudi Arabia

- Petronas, Malaysia

- CNOOC, China

- Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

- Carbon Clean and Aqualung, startups from England and Norway

- Vendox, US startup invested by Bill Gates

- and to conclude, Elon Musk is not far behind …

And tomorrow we'll make one last call here for the 1st. Brazilian Congress of CCS, which will take place online next week. The program is very good. Stay tuned!


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