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Capital Aberto: Hydrogen regulation enters the agenda in Brazil

Indicated as the best solution to decarbonize polluting sectors, such as steel, fertilizers and heavy transport, the use of hydrogen as an energy source is gaining worldwide importance. And in Brazil, it begins to draw the attention of legislators, with the recent presentation of bill 725/22 that inserts the so-called green hydrogen into the Brazilian energy matrix. The subject is relevant and the Brazilian potential for the production of green hydrogen is considered high, given the advantage that the country has for the production of energy from clean sources, such as wind and solar. The main points of the bill are:

  1. Establish, as an objective of national policies for the rational use of energy sources, the insertion of hydrogen as an energy vector for the transition to a low carbon economy and the consolidation of national hydrogen production on a competitive and sustainable basis;

  2. Create the legal definition of the terms “hydrogen” and “sustainable hydrogen”;

  3. Assign the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) the authority to regulate, authorize and inspect the activity of the hydrogen chain, including its production, import, export, storage, storage, standards for use and injection at delivery points or points of exit;

  4. Establish the obligation to add hydrogen at the point of delivery or exit point in transport pipelines, progressively, in percentages of 5% from January 2032 and 10% from January 2050.

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