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Buildup to COP27: The MSCI Net-Zero Tracker

The MSCI Net-Zero Tracker indicates the collective progress of the world’s listed companies toward keeping global temperature rise this century within 1.5°C of preindustrial levels, the threshold for preventing the worst effects of a warming climate. It shows the companies with the largest carbon footprints, shines a light on corporate leaders and laggards in climate disclosure, and highlights companies whose climate targets are notable for their alignment with global goals to reduce emissions.

Here is the summary of the findings of the latest edition of MSCI's Net-Zero Tracker, which covers data as of Aug. 31, 2022:

  • Only 16% of the world's listed companies align with the global goal of limiting future warming to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels

  • Carbon emissions from listed companies would make the planet to 2.9°C warmer by the end of the century

  • Companies will burn through their share of the global carbon budget for limiting the rise in temperatures to 1.5°C by Dec. 31, 2026, nearly two months sooner than MSCI ESG Research projected in June, the report estimates.

  • While nearly one-third (32%) of carbon offsets issued to date are tied to planting or preserving forests, significant numbers of such offsets are located in areas that are at medium to high risk of wildfires according to the report, which examines the connection between climate- and nature-related risks.

Why it matters: Climate talks about to start at COP27 in Egypt, center on accelerating efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Nations will meet again nearly three weeks later in Canada, where they hope to hammer out a framework to protect and conserve nature. Click on the image below to access the full MSCI Net-Zero Tracker report.


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