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Brazilian method for measuring carbon removals obtains international approval.

Today is Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Before talking about the internationally validated Brazilian method for measuring carbon removals, another highlight also from Brazil.

Today in Brasília, after postponements, another attempt to advance the Regulation of the Brazilian Emissions Reduction Market. More and more stock exchanges around the world (*) are starting to trade carbon credits. Tomorrow we will talk about Japan. And on Friday, Indonesia, a country that together with Brazil and Congo holds more than 52% of the world's tropical forests. Not to mention the forest potential of Canada and Russia.

So let's get to the article, published yesterday in "Um Só Planeta". We also spoke with the main author, Flávio Ojidos, Head of Forest Carbon Removals at the Future Carbon Group, in the joint effort to leverage Nature-Based Solutions, NbS (or SbN in Portuguese) projects.

The data quoted is impressive. If, on one hand, native vegetation covers 64% of the Brazilian territory, on the other, over 37 years there was a loss - public and private - equivalent to 2.5 Germanys. As a fraction of this remaining vegetation is on private land, the carbon market emerges as a very attractive conservation financing vehicle. Not just in Brazil, but all over the world (*).

In this sense, the Brazilian scientific methodology for calculating CO2 removals was validated by Earthood Services Private Limited - ESPL before the international certifier SocialCarbon Foundation.

Given the reliability, public access and territorial coverage, it is recommended that project developers adopt the MapBiomas Vegetation Cover and Land Use database. Among other benefits such as encouraging land regularization, facilitating access to the carbon market, generating jobs, etc.

For Carbon Credit Markets readers, the main author Flávio Ojidos adds:

"It is a great opportunity to unlock Brazil's potential to provide solutions to the climate crisis. This methodology allows the generation of a SbN removal credit, with a positive socio-environmental impact, high biodiversity rates and an extensive and transparent process, thanks to the tools made available by the SocialCarbon certifier. It's everything the market wants and needs!"

Click on the image below to learn about the Cristalino Carbon Removal Project and read the original article.


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