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Social Carbon, Areas of Biodiversity Importance and Survey on Benefit Sharing

Today is Tuesday, September 05, 2023.

Social Carbon is seeking comments about its Methodology for the Conservation of Areas of Biodiversity Importance (SCM0006)

This methodology, live since 20/12/2022, is "designed to offer a new financing mechanism for conservation efforts worldwide ... The methodology quantifies net removals of CO2 only."

"Historically, the carbon markets have focused on degraded habitats that require climate finance to protect and restore them. Areas that require conservation but exhibit limited degradation or deforestation have been largely excluded from eligibility within the market. As a result, the conservation of these areas has typically been financed through donations or grants. This methodology has been designed to offer a new financing mechanism that quantifies real, conservative GHG removals, whilst embedding biodiversity monitoring and local community engagement."

According to our engaged reader Flávio Ojidos the Social Carbon certifier works with the Wilder Earth registration platform, where the carbon credits generated in this standard are already tokenized.

Six projects are already registered, as you can see here, being currently 4 in Brazil, one in Canada and one in South Africa.

The public consultation process towards version 2.0 of SCM0006 is open until 14th September 2023 and key enhancements encompass: incorporation of deadwood, ground-truthing requirement, effective handling of default value uncertainty, and enhanced clarity on Deforestation and Degradation.

Click at the image below to participate. The portal is bilingual in English an Brazilian Portuguese. By the way, there are a some usefull links and you will probably like this one, EU's "Digital Observatory for Protected Areas (DOPA) Explorer".

You may also like to help and participate in a concise Survey on Benefit Sharing, in Social Carbon's pursuit of understanding this pivotal subject.

Click here to know more about Wilder Earth and its blockchain-powered registry.

And Social Carbon's main portal, including details of Governance, Board of Trustees and other Methodologies.


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