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Brazilian Atlantic Forest Treaty: South-Southeast Regional Carbon Market.

Today is Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Last Saturday, 7 governors from the southern and southeastern Brazilian states met on the occasion of the 9th COSUD, the Southern and Southeastern Integration Consortium.

And they signed the “Atlantic Forest Treaty”, a commitment to plant 100 million native species seedlings by 2026, in a large green corridor corresponding to more than 90 thousand hectares of Atlantic Forest, in addition to a blue corridor, with new preservation areas and protection for marine life along the Atlantic Ocean, from Rio Grande do Sul to Espírito Santo.

The treaty includes the creation and regulation of the "South-Southeast Regional Carbon Market" and defines a very complete list of activities in this regional carbon market. As the States' interlocutors must be appointed in less than a month - before COP-28 - there is clear urgency on the topic.

In terms of energy transition, in addition to encouraging green industries, the States also committed to the gradual replacement of fossil fuels and the acceleration of the adoption of ethanol, biomethane or hybrid vehicles in state fleets.

Among several other tax and public safety agreements, there is also an integrated plan to combat extreme weather events, in addition to the intensification of environmental and illegal deforestation inspections.

According to EPC / Agência Brasil, COSUD "was created in March 2019, but only formalized this year, when it was approved and turned into law by the Legislative Assemblies of the participating States. Only Rio de Janeiro has not yet voted for approval."

The agreements signed by the governors are the results of the interaction and debates of 21 Thematic Groups and 1,500 managers over three days in São Paulo. The next COSUD meeting is scheduled for March 2024, in Rio Grande do Sul.

And by clicking on the image below you can read the complete “Atlantic Forest Treaty” in Portuguese.


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