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Brazil, CCS: A promising and evolving market

Issues related to climate change caused by human actions are creating a new culture within industries around the world. The challenge is to find innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reinforcing their economic and social responsibilities. One of the alternatives that is gaining supporters is the “recycling” of CO₂, made possible by the implementation of technologies and Carbon Capture and Storage or CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage).

Within this purpose, CCS Brasil was founded to encourage a low carbon economy among industrial conglomerates and the energy sector, disseminating opportunities and strategies for the adoption and development of CCS activities in Brazil.

This alternative has been pointed out by researchers and scientists as an indispensable part of strategies to achieve the goals of reducing atmospheric emissions to combat climate change.

CCS is a process composed of multiple technologies that aim to capture and store large amounts of CO₂ permanently underground, preventing its release into the atmosphere. Advancing carbon capture on the scale and time required to achieve sustainable development scenarios can be achieved through innovation, integration and leadership.

With this north, CCS Brasil was formed to be precisely this space for interaction between industries, academia, governments, media and society as a whole, contributing to carbon capture being one of the great Brazilian solutions in this new low carbon economy. .

With the aim of promoting this meeting and discussing the opportunities and challenges on the subject, CCS Brasil will hold the 1st Brazilian Congress of CCS: Challenges and Opportunities, on September 20, 2022.

The event - online - will be broadcast live to all those registered and essential topics for understanding the development potential of CCS in Brazil will be discussed, with lectures and panels on innovation, opportunities for the industry, forms of financing, the carbon market and regulation.

Click on the image below or visit the following link for more information about the congress:


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