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Article 6 Implementation Partnership Recent Updates.

Today is Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Carbon Credit Markets participated in two recent meetings of the Article 6 Implementation Partnership (A6IP), led by the Government of Japan, Ministry of the Environment:

  • March 14, 3rd Working Groups Meeting and

  • March 19, 3rd Plenary Meeting.

Since last COP28 we have been reporting about the status of article 6 and what to expect in 2024. Recall, as there are still several significant updated information in there.

Basically all key global players in the carbon credit markets are very busy advocating and joining forces on the topic. And communicating, more than ever, what they have been doing.

Here is what was discussed in the A6IP 3rd Working Groups Meeting:

  • Stocktaking on Article 6 implementation progress and achievements

  • Exchange information on the outcomes of Article 6 support activities by partner organizations

  • Introduce A6IP capacity building tools and invite inputs / contributions

And here its 3rd Plenary Meeting:

  • Update on A6IP activities which align with the work program for A6 implementation by the key partner organizations

  • Share lessons learned / best practices as well as challenges from partner countries

  • Promote synergies for the Article 6 implementation.

Great to see A6IP, IETA, VCMI, Sylvera and Gold Standard together in a panel discussing "The vital roles of the private sector in accelerating the implementation of Article 6 / high integrity carbon markets".

Click at the image below to access all presentations and slides discussed in these two meetings. Relevant contents.

Last but not least and on the other hand, we were expecting for earlier this year new developments related to the legal nature of carbon credits, from a global and cross-border business point of view. On that topic  we will unfortunately need to wait for a few more months.


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