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About Verra Stakeholder Update from last August 2, 2023

Last Wednesday August 2 Carbon Credit Markets attended this online event from Verra. And we got positively impressed.

Attitude towards transparency, action of listening key markets stakeholders, sharing plans and giving floor to Verra's new leadership team, explaining perspectives and answering questions from the audience.

As Verra itself described: "... a significant year for environmental and social markets. The voluntary carbon markets ... unprecedented growth while delivering tremendous impact; newer markets, such as for biodiversity and plastic, are gaining a strong foothold and seeing a rapid uptake. For 15 years, Verra has set standards, managed programs, and developed markets for meaningful environmental and social action. We remain more determined than ever to fulfill this ambition."

Congratulations to Judith Simon, Verra's new president, Hillary Navarro, spearheading her as Chief Communications Officer and the new leadership team. High expectations from the whole carbon credit markets.

Click at the image below for the webinar recording and 12 slides to hear and read by yourself.

Slides summarize Verra's priorities, that have been more broadly elaborated during the 42 min webinar:

  • Priority #1 – Operational Excellence (e.g. Project Hub)

  • Priority #2 – Program & Scientific Integrity (e.g. enhance VCS Program)

  • Priority #3 – Accountability (e.g. ICVCM alignment)

By the way, last July 19 it was also great to hear Verra's Chief Legal and member of the new leadership team, Robin Rix, in the event "Second Voluntary Carbon Markets Convening” by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), as we indicated in a post with our perception of the USA moving more strongly in the direction of carbon credits.


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