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Verra: call to crowdsource data for its new methodology for REDD projects

Verra made public the updated draft methodology for REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects.

According toe Verra, this draft has been sent to an independent auditor – Aster Global – as part of the development process. The methodology is expected to be finalized and released in Q3 of this year.

And to enable projects to use the module for Estimation of Emissions Reductions from Avoiding Unplanned Deforestation (AUD), Verra will contract with service providers and crowdsource data to establish deforestation baseline data. An initial call for data was made for the following 12 jurisdictions:

  1. Acre State, Brazil

  2. Amapá State, Brazil

  3. Amazonas State, Brazil

  4. Pará State, Brazil

  5. Rondônia State, Brazil

  6. Cambodia

  7. Colombia

  8. Mai-Ndombe Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

  9. Kenya

  10. Tanzania

  11. Zambia

  12. Zimbabwe

According to Verra, by the end of 2024, jurisdictional baselines will be set in all 40+ jurisdictions with AUD projects worldwide

All these actions to ensure the integrity and quality of its forest carbon credits.

Click here to know more and if interested to become a service provider, deadline is 30 April 2023.


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