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Ventilated Clothing: About the people and the coming summers

On the one hand, Europeans are preparing for a very unusual winter. On the other hand, Asians are increasingly interested in jackets and vests with built-in fans. Let's see.

According to Ollie Jay, a professor at the University of Sydney, “The most effective way to cool the body is through the evaporation of sweat. To cool a person, you don't necessarily need to cool all the air around them.” According to Hiroshi Ichigaya, inventor (here a list of his patents) and founder of Kuchofuku, instead of using more air conditioning - and energy - to deal with heat waves, it would be “more reasonable to condition only the parts we need.”

Hundreds of jackets and vests with built-in fans are now available online. Fans work by accelerating the flow of air to dry transpiration, in addition to having environmental and physiological advantages over air conditioning, by using less energy and allowing people to gradually adapt to warmer temperatures. See some brands below:

  • Aoki Holdings Inc.: Offering fan-cooled vests tailored for outdoor activities and sporting events

  • Teijin Ltd.: Working with a power tool manufacturer and a textile company to develop dual-layer cooling jackets that reduce bulging and feature a sleeker profile

  • Kuchofuku Co. / Octocool: expanding its line of cooling products to include seat cushions, backpacks and beds. In addition to partnerships with dozens of apparel brands such as Asics, Mackintosh Philosophy and Manatash

Click on the graphic below for an article from Bloomberg, or below for some other stories:

Tomorrow we will publish about the preparations for the next winter in Europe.


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