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Update: Carbon Credits, Brazil and Innovate4Climate Conference 2023, Spain

Bilbao, Spain. Starting today until Thursday 25th, the Innovate4Climate Conference 2023 (I4C), one of the world's biggest climate events, besides the COP itself. This year, I4C will focus on three main topics:

  • Climate Finance

  • Carbon Markets and

  • Fair Transition

The governments of Spain and Germany, UNCC, IETA and the World Bank Group are among the hosts and supporters. Carbon Credit Markets will participate online in several sessions, and when there are news, we will share them. See here the conference's portal I4C.

Brazil. As you may have seen yesterday, decree 11.075/22 that created the regulated carbon credit market in Brazil will be revoked by the government. It is not yet known whether any of its elements, such as the Sectorial Plans and the National System for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Sinare), will be used in the new bill. According to sources, the government will seek complementarity between the regulated and voluntary carbon credit markets.

It would therefore be prudent, for the time being, to review some basic publications that have helped with advocacy so far, such as the publications of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS). It is a non-profit civil association with more than 104 business groups, that since 1997 has been promoting sustainability issues through articulation with civil society and governments. See some of their publications below:

  • Technical Note: Expansion of the Climate Integrity of the Voluntary Carbon Market (2022)

  • Repositioning Brazil in the Regulation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (2021)

  • Carbon Market - Regulatory Framework (2021)

  • Carbon Market - CEBDS Guide (2021)

  • Technical Note - Overview of Carbon Markets (2020)

  • Carbon Pricing – What you need to know (2018)

Click at the image below for the complete set of CEBDS publications, which go beyond carbon credits, far beyond.

It is also worth remembering what the Secretary for Green Economy, Decarbonization and Bioindustry Rodrigo Rollemberg said in an interview with O Globo on May 8, 2023 about the regulation of the Brazilian carbon market (LinkedIn post).


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