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United Nations: free sustainability, ESG and climate courses. Several languages

Did you know that United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) offers free courses, which also come in different languages? Great tip from our reader Prof. Oscar Malvessi. See below and share with your network, who may benefit as well. Enrolling by 31 Dec 2023, except where indicated.

2. Circular Economy Approaches for Sustainability:

3. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a Development Agenda: (enrolling by 11 Aug 2023)

4. Sustainable Lifestyles: (enrolling by 20 Dec 2023)

5: The UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework

6. Human Security: From Principles to Practice

You can learn more about these and other courses at the UNSSC, clicking at the image below.

UNSSC also offers UN Summer Academy opportunities. It is not free but with available scholarships. For 2023 the process already started but you can keep an eye on 2024 by registering to receive news and updates in your inbox.


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“I am among those who think that science has great beauty”

Madame Marie Curie (1867 - 1934) Chemist & physicist. French, born Polish.

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