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Trove Global Carbon Credit Investment Survey 2023. Supported by IETA & Verra.

Trove Research was founded in 2015 initially around investing in sustainable assets. Nowadays it focusses exclusively on providing insights into the voluntary carbon credit market and tracking corporate climate commitments. It is headquartered in London, with offices in Bengaluru and São Paulo and soon in the US and Asia.

Significant investment has gone into developing new carbon projects in recent years, but much of this investment activity is not tracked. Now Trove introduces a Carbon Investment Survey intended to quantify the extent of this new investment and how it is being deployed, while also evaluating the likely benefits for climate, environment, and society.

This new market-wide survey has been developed in partnership with IETA and Verra. As you know, projects that generate carbon credits for the voluntary carbon market have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. These criticisms are often directed at older projects created under out-dated standards or more relaxed approaches to verification. This criticism, while helpful in focussing attention of improving standards, risks deterring corporates from engaging in the voluntary carbon credit sector.

Questions were carefully structured to capture investment information in four key areas:

  • Sources of capital raised and likely to be raised in the future – eg on-balance sheet or private finance.

  • Allocation of capital to activities, project types and regions – differentiating between projects that are known to be in the registries and those that are “pre-pipeline”.

  • The climate, environmental and social benefits from this new carbon project investment.

  • Future off-take arrangements for carbon credit sales.

Click at the image below to access the survey. Until 28th April 2023 it is open for everybody upon free login. The results will be made available in a public report at Innovate4Climate in Bilbao, Spain, 23-25 May. Towards global representativeness, spread the news and let's make sure to have respondents from more countries (on top of those that always participate).


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