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Trolling: 19 license plates used by Tesla owners in United States

So. About Tesla's electric vehicles, but before that a little bit about the license plate system on cars in the United States. In addition to not being mandatory on the front of the vehicle, traffic laws require only the rear plate. The models vary from state to state and are sometimes very colorful, unlike in other countries. Another striking difference is that the license plate belongs to the driver, that is, if you sell the car, you can keep the license plate. That's why it's possible to pay for an exclusive one. What happens is that some signs are so unusual and curious that they leave us in doubt if they are real or “trolling”. CO2FREE (Arizona), BYEBYEGAS (Mariland), NOPETRO (Illinois), CHARGEME (New York) or ELECHIK (Washington) are some examples of license plates from electric vehicles from Tesla (by Elon Musk) in the United States. Click to see Hotcars article with the other plates.


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