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Transforming the Economics and Governance of Water

As we have been posting in the last days, the water situation in the World does not seem trivial. Specially when the natural water cycle that served 2 billion people in 1950 now has to serve a population 4 times larger.

Forests have a key role in the fresh water cycle. Do we have 4 times more forests that in 1950 ?

Deforestation is changing evaporation patterns and reducing moisture feedback from forests, disrupting downwind rainfall. Relation with carbon credits ? The depletion of water in the soil and forests is reducing their ability to sequester carbon.

Besides, global grain yields and food exports are at risk, highlighting the extent to which our food production depends on large, stable volumes of water.

More specifically:

  • In the United States and Europe, droughts and fires.

  • In Ukraine, the impact on grain and fertiliser supplies of the persisting conflict.

  • In Asia overall, the reshaping of the monsoon season.

  • In China, an unprecedented heatwave that caused water shortages impact over one-third of the country’s rice production.

  • In India, severe floods and droughts across the country.

  • In Pakistan, recent flooding has submerged one-third of the country, killing people and wiping out 45% of the crops.

  • In the Tibetan plateau, melting ice affecting freshwater supplies to more than one billion people.

  • In East Africa, a devastating four-year drought has destroyed millions of livelihoods and left millions with food shortages.

We must now recognise the threats to the global freshwater system and translate our awareness into collective action. And innovation. Otherwise water scarcity will jeopardise all the other Sustainable Development Goals.

Click below to read another great article (in English) by Project Syndicate. And here for our water-related posts.


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