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Test your knowledge on Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Today is Sunday, September 17, 2023.

Such a cool initiative from OPIS, a quiz (in English) about the voluntary carbon markets.

So nice that we asked them (thank you Dharmini!) to share with you, reader of the blog Carbon Credit Markets.

As you will see, it's something more relaxing for today.

(Specially because tomorrow we intend to go over something more critical, the “Technical dialogue of the first global stocktake” released by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, in preparation of COP 28 in Dubai).

OPIS, a Dow Jones Company, stands for Oil Price Information Service and has been offering interesting products, among them a Global Carbon Offsets Report | Carbon Credit Prices. This paid report includes about 161 daily assessments of voluntary carbon offset credits, carbon offsets trades deal log, market news coverage and insight .

Upon a quick registration, after the quiz you will be offered a free example of the report and a 10-days trial.

Here is OPIS call for the quiz:

"In this quiz, you'll explore the realm of carbon offsetting and emissions reduction initiatives driven by individuals and organizations alike. Delve into the fascinating landscape where environmental responsibility meets financial incentives and see how much you know about this growing mechanism in the fight against climate change.

Get ready to challenge your knowledge and discover why voluntary carbon credits are in demand and under a microscope! "

Are you ready for the 6 questions?

Click at the image below and good luck !

Carbon Credit Markets scored 10!


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