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Taylor Wessing about Hydrogen: Energy source of the future

How hydrogen can contribute to climate-neutral coverage of the growing energy demand ?

According to the European Commission, hydrogen should play a central role in the European energy market by 2030 at the latest.

Here is a comprehensive and updated analysis by the global law firm Taylor Wessing, including in-depth information on hydrogen, its role in the EU Green Deal, the existing hydrogen infrastructure as well as legal and economic aspects relevant to the German, Austrian, French, British (UK) and Czech target markets.

The structure of this thorough publication is the following:

  1. Hydrogen categories. Green, Blue / Turquoise and Black / Grey

  2. The EU Green Deal: Strategies on hydrogen at EU level. Phase I 2020 - 2024, Phase II 2025 - 2030 and Phase III 2030 - 2050

  3. Hydrogen infrastructure - construction and operation of production facilities.

  4. Economic & Legal Aspects

    • Germany. Hydrogen production in Germany is currently not competitive. A National Hydrogen Strategy. Hydrogen in the 2022 Easter Package and beyond. Production of hydrogen. Transport of hydrogen – national level. Transport of hydrogen – European level. Storage and use of hydrogen.

    • France. Current French hydrogen situation: a booming sector. National hydrogen strategy.

    • UK. The Net Zero commitment and UK hydrogen market. The UK Government’s Hydrogen Strategy. UK Hydrogen Strategy related consultations. Energy White Paper. General Legal. Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (”Ofgem”) licences. Infrastructure consents. Pipelines.

    • Austria. The current state: still a developing niche alternative to fossil fuels. A strategy for a greener future: Hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future.

    • Czech Republic. Market status: Early stages, already focussed on new technologies. The Czech Republic’s Hydrogen Strategy.

Click at the image below for this great and professional in-depth analysis titled "Insights Hydrogen - Energy source of the future"


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