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Shell to start building Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant

Oil and gas giant Shell has issued a press release indicating the construction of a large hydrogen plant in the Netherlands. The Holland Hydrogen I facility would be rated "Europe's largest renewable hydrogen plant" when operations begin in 2025. The plan is for the 200 megawatt electrolyzer, which will be located in the Port of Rotterdam, to generate as much as 60,000 kilograms of renewable hydrogen every day. The renewable power for the electrolyser will come from the offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (noord). This renewable hydrogen will replace some of the grey hydrogen usage in Shell's refinery. This will partially decarbonise the facility’s production of energy products like petrol and diesel and jet fuel. As heavy-duty hydrogen trucks are coming to market and refuelling networks grow, renewable hydrogen supply can also be directed toward these to help in decarbonising commercial road transport. Hydrogen has a diverse range of applications. Click to read Shell's media release.


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