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Prospera and Greener unite to become Brazil's first sustainable benefits unicorn.

Together, the companies aim to eliminate energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of all Brazilians.

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Prospera, a sustainable benefits platform, and Greener, a green technology startup dedicated to the preservation of Brazilian biodiversity and the development of the environmental assets market, announce the merger of their operations and create a new power on the national scene. Together, they form Prospera + Greener, the renewable energy sector's first sustainable benefits platform and carbon credit market.

The new business will be led by Leandro de Abreu, who has extensive experience in the energy and technology segments and will occupy the position of CEO: “Our mission is to bring the account to zero. energy and carbon footprint of all people in Brazil. We will accelerate the development of the low-carbon green economy throughout the chain, through a platform of sustainable benefits that promotes social development, supported by scalable technology that leverages energy and biodiversity as the driving force of the circular economy'', comments the executive .

Founded in 2018, Prospera is an innovative program that offers solutions to reduce costs for consumers, small and medium-sized companies through energy vouchers, which will be used as a discount on energy bill. As a reward for their sustainable choices, consumers receive this benefit, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

"This approach not only encourages responsible consumption but also promotes awareness of the importance of ecologically correct choices for the environment and for everyone's future", explains Marcelo Freitas , founder of Prospera.

Greener is a reference in the green asset tokenization market. greentech has a notable track record in protecting the Amazon Forest, conserving 160,000 hectares, in an area under permanent satellite monitoring to prevent fires and invasions. In addition to having a socio-environmental project for the riverside community with a 10-year investment in solar panels, artesian wells and school renovations. The project also has scientific support from UNESP and certification from KPMG.

For Claudio Olimpio, co-founder of Greener, the merger puts the companies in a unique position to lead the transformation: "This initiative represents an important step towards a future more sustainable and promising for our country. The merger will not only strengthen our position in the market, but will also allow us to lead the way in the search for innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.”, he comments.

In the socio-environmental sphere, the union between Prospera + Greener aims to impact approximately 60 million families in five years. The organization is determined to bring tangible change to people's lives as it works to bring energy bills to zero through the use of carbon credits.

For its partners, the company now offers an effective solution for those seeking to comply with environmental and social standards, extending benefits such as carbon credits and energy discounts throughout the chain , covering consumers. This action is in line with CVM 80/22 regulations and faces the challenge of Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Brazilian energy sector and regulation of the carbon credit market

The merger between Prospera + Greener takes place at a promising time for the carbon credit and renewable energy markets. Recently, the Federal Senate's Environment Committee approved a bill that promises to impact the Brazilian business scenario. This involves regulating the carbon credit market, an initiative with the aim of encouraging the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. With this approval, corporations that fail to meet their emissions reduction targets will have the opportunity to purchase carbon credits from other companies that have exceeded their targets, marking an important step towards sustainability in the business sector.

This advance also occurs at a time of transformation in Brazil's energy market: the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) predicts an 83% increase in energy generation capacity In the next years. In this scenario, Brazil stands out for its energy matrix mostly made up of renewable sources, with hydroelectric power leading with 60.2% of the installed electricity generation capacity. Furthermore, solar energy gains relevance, accounting for 14.7% of the national electrical matrix. This growth is driven by increasingly significant investments in renewable energy sources, demonstrating the country's commitment to a more sustainable and ecologically conscious energy matrix.

About Prospera

Prospera is an innovative program that offers solutions to reduce energy costs for small and medium-sized companies through energy vouchers. In collaboration with Enel allowing them to accumulate points through sales made with Prospera solutions, which can be exchanged for various prizes. The company continues to innovate, developing products that aim to positively transform the businesses of Brazilian traders. Now, together with Greener, it will be possible to develop the energy/carbon voucher. To find out more, visit the site.

About Greener

Greener is a European environmental technology startup dedicated to preserving the Amazon Rainforest. Through its blockchain-based platform, Greener allows individuals and organizations around the world to contribute to protecting the Amazon in a transparent and secure way. With strategic partnerships and a commitment to sustainability, Greener is leading a new approach to preserving one of the world's most important ecosystems.

In Brazil, Greener is also responsible for offsetting carbon emissions in important companies such as J&J, Olera, Insider, P&G and in events such as Formula 1 Brasil , Copa Truck, Monet à Beira d'Água, among others.

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