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Photovoltaic energy at Curitiba tube stations and organic solar cells from UFPR.

Today is Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Just as we did yesterday with the Caximba Solar Pyramid in Curitiba, today we will update the article that we originally published at the beginning of 2022 when it was still an announcement of the project. At the time our text was as follows.

“Expanding the renewable energy market, the City of Curitiba, Brazil, in partnership with the Federal University of Paraná – UFPR, will begin energy sustainability tests, using solar energy photovoltaic panels that will be located on top of the points by bus, at the so-called tube stations, considered postcards of the city. Initially, energy generation will be from Organic Photovoltaic Films, also called Organic Photovoltaics (OPV), generating approximately 80 kWh per tube station.”

Our reference was an article from UFPR, which shortly before had patented a new process for manufacturing organic solar cells - its 100th patent with innovation for solar energy - improving durability and tripling the conversion of light into electrical energy in this type of cell.

Now, at the beginning of April 2024, the Santa Cândida Solar Terminal was inaugurated, the first photovoltaic energy plant installed on the roof of a bus terminal in Curitiba. The estimated energy generated for the terminal is 625,000 KWh annually, which will be offset in the energy bill of the municipality's public buildings. This could represent an annual saving of R$411,000, which could be converted into other benefits for the population.

In addition, 5 Solar tube station structures began to be installed.

Tube stations are a particular feature of the city's urban transport, as if it were a “surface metro”.

Click on the image below for the full article from Curitiba City Hall.

Tomorrow we will end the series of 5 articles about Paraná and Curitiba, publishing about the cloning of a giant 750-year-old Araucaria tree that fell at the end of 2023 after the heavy rains that devastated the State.


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