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[News] New Rapporteur of the Bill on the Carbon Market at AMCHAM Brazil Event.

Today is Saturday, October 28, 2023.

Yesterday we were at AMCHAM in São Paulo, Brazil, which maintained the tradition of great pre-COP events: “Brazil at COP 28: from combating deforestation to sustainable energy transition”

In addition to its president Abrão Neto, who launched the portal , participants included Federal Deputy Aliel Machado from Paraná, the Governor of Espírito Santo Renato Casagrande, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Brazil Saleh Ahmed Al Suwaidi and the Secretary of Climate Change Ana Toni.

In the special panel “The Green Agenda in the National Congress – Priority Projects”, we heard from Representative Aliel, who was appointed on the night of the 26th as rapporteur of the Bill on the regulated carbon market, before the last stage of voting in the Chamber . Our notes:

  1. The challenge is to approve a text balanced between immediate and future needs.

  2. 3 critical points. predictability, legal certainty and non-duplicity.

  3. “Text cannot be great for some and terrible for others. It has to be good for everyone.”

  4. Agriculture will be discussed again and it will be difficult not to have conflicts.

  5. But the country cannot stop and we have to value what is ours: “green gold”.

  6. Support for science and technology is essential.

  7. He ended by quoting Barack Obama "We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.

Governor Renato Casagrande commented on the Green Consortium, whose work plan will be presented at COP-28. We will be there to follow up.

In the panel “Brazil's advances on the issue of deforestation”, discussions around the reduction of deforestation, increased degradation, focus on sustainable management of forests and restoration of the cerrado, “the cradle of waters”.

In the panel “Priorities in Environmental Policies in Brazil and perspectives for COP 28”, Ana Toni showed concern about the global geopolitical context and the means of implementation. “The 100 billion is not yet on the table”, and this is “eroding confidence”. Furthermore, the “Global Stocktake” should increase that value. Need for more effective mobilization of the financial sector, applied green taxonomy, support for the most vulnerable countries and training. New development models.

And she concluded “All countries need to lead by example”.


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