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MIT: Carbon neutrality soon to become as important as profitability

MIT Technology Review Insights just published its 2023 Green Future Index, their third annual comparative ranking of 76 nations (which collectively generate roughly 90% of global GDP) on their ability to develop a sustainable, low-carbon future for their economies and societies.

The rankings reflect efforts to fund carbon removal, sustainable development, and clean power generation in emerging economies and for disadvantaged communities.

The index was developed through in-depth primary and secondary research processes:

  • nearly 20 interviews with a range of global climate change specialists: climate scientists and research professionals, technologists, government policymakers, NGO activists, and clean tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists

  • continuous review of hundred articles, research reports issued by climate action organizations and NGOs, government policy documentation, and scientific literature.

The structure of the Green Future Index 2023 is made up of five pillars: carbon emissions, energy transition, green society, clean innovation and climate policy.

The report has several interesting chapters, among them:

  • Measuring climate justice

  • Emerging markets take on carbon trading

  • Asia excels in renewables

  • The race to transition energy grids in Africa

  • Europe turns to fossil fuels

  • Clean innovation: Catalyzing green, global solutions

  • Stemming carbon leakage across borders in the EU

  • The pressure for global standards

And much more.

The conclusion of the report: "Carbon neutrality will soon be as important a metric as profitability. And this is driving firms to invest in the tools and practices to lower their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. It is also motivating governments and firms globally to invest in biodiversity, energy transition, and carbon removal projects in poorer countries to build up global stocks of carbon credits. Green Leaders will increasingly share expertise and invest capital in sustainable projects, cross-border renewable energy development programs, and food tech investments, because doing so is both economically viable and equitable for all."

Click at the image below for the MIT Technology Review Insights 2023 Green Future Index. #sustainability #esg #future


評等為 0(最高為 5 顆星)。



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