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McKinsey: How quantum computing can help tackle global warming

Quantum computing has the potential to drive the major breakthroughs needed to help solve the climate crisis. A pioneer in the field discusses how his company is seeking to harness this technology for large-scale climate-change mitigation. Key insights:

  1. Rapidly accelerating the development timeline for a commercially viable quantum computer requires a fundamentally different approach.

  2. Quantum computing applications, once thought to be decades away, could now happen within the next ten years.

  3. Quantum computing will revolutionize chemistry, enabling breakthrough innovations and advancements in low-carbon technologies.

  4. Use cases in quantum computing could account for a substantial amount of emissions reductions needed to achieve a 1.5°C pathway.

  5. Technology is a critical element in the fight against climate change, but it can’t solve the crisis on its own.

Click to read how Jeremy O’Brien, CEO and cofounder of PsiQuantum, speaks with McKinsey’s Philipp Hillenbrand about his company’s approach to accelerating and scaling the technology and its bold vision to deploy it in the fight against climate change.


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