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IBM: Own your Impact, Practical Pathways to Transformational Sustainability

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) released its report “Own your Impact: Practical Pathways to Transformational Sustainability”. From 3,000 interviews with CEOs in 40 countries, it shows how C-levels are driving their companies' initiatives and programs in alignment with ESG goals. “In terms of actual execution of sustainability initiatives, there is a range from no activity to full implementation across the ecosystem. The majority – 72% – are still “piloting” or implementing only parts of their strategy. Regardless, CEOs are optimistic about their investments, with 64% expressing confidence that they will achieve their overall goals. Topics discussed include:

  • Sustainability: a business priority and a challenge

  • The path to sustainability: from assessment to transformation

  • The transformation advantage: leadership, open innovation and technology

  • Action guide: Steps to progress for each path

Click below to access this IBM report.


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