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Green Patents and agriculture in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Today is Sunday, October 8, 2023.

In a charter issued by the Brazilian INPI on August 8, Embrapa Agroenergia obtained a patent for the process to obtain nanocomposite of calcium carbonate and kraft lignin from gaseous emissions. It seems complicated, right?

"... a nanocomposite that can fix agrochemical molecules on its surface, while lignin, a natural macromolecule present in plants, is used to improve this fixation. It can serve as a vehicle – or carrier -- for various products such as pharmaceuticals, treatment of animals; fertilizers applied to the soil, or insecticides, in order to protect crops. With the advantage of providing slow, controlled release or both. This means that the molecule contained in it is released little by little, ensuring a longer lasting action and preventing losses."

Here we try to summarize three interesting benefits:

(1) The calcium carbonate and kraft lignin nanocomposite can be produced from CO2, for example captured in emissions from thermoelectric plants. In other words, a product that contributes to the mitigation of CO2 emissions;

(2) Kraft lignin is a residue from the paper and cellulose industry (For each ton of cellulose pulp produced by the kraft process, there is 595 kg to 630 kg of kraft lignin);

and (3) Controlled release reduces the amount of agrochemicals applied, increasing the efficiency of the transported compound, generating savings for the producer and less environmental impact.

"The patent application was requested via the green technology priority process, through the <Brazilian> Green Patents program, which guaranteed agility in granting. According to the INPI, the Green Patents program aims to contribute to the fight against global climate change and aims to to accelerate the examination of patent applications related to environmentally friendly technologies."

And now, "The scaling of technology... to insert the asset into the market... up to industrial scale we need industrial partners."

Click on the image below (Silvio Vaz Jr) to read the full Embrapa article.

And if you are interested in the patent applications filed by Embrapa Agroenergia with the INPI, click here.


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