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Gold Standard call for collaboration to digitise carbon markets

Gold Standard, with partners ClimateCHECK (link), IOTA Foundation (link) and Cosmos Partners (link) open a call - until 01 June 2022 - for expressions of interest to participate in Working Groups that will explore digital technologies to transform today’s manual processes in carbon markets. The objective is to facilitate efficient, scalable systems that deliver real, exponential impact, particularly for those most vulnerable to climate change. This is part of the Open Collaboration supported by Charitable Giving (link). According to Gold Standard CEO Margaret Kim: “We need high-functioning carbon markets to address the climate emergency; yet recent innovations have exposed the potential negative consequences when systems aren’t optimised for quality. We look forward to working with a broad range of experts committed to ensuring markets deliver real climate mitigation while accelerating measurable progress to sustainable development.” Expected impacts are:

  • Scaling carbon market volume and impact through digital interoperability, enhanced user efficiency, and new standards governance and MRV (monitoring, reporting, verification) models.

  • Increasing carbon market integrity through new digital approaches to data security, reporting, tracking, and tokenization.

  • Improving carbon market access and equity through system design and innovative business models that channel finance to project developers and local communities.

If interested, click below for details.


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