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Future of the SASB Standards: What you need to know for disclosure

As we antecipated "IFRS / ISSB: New Climate and Sustainability Disclosure Rules Expected by June" there were a variety of ISSB issues on the near-term pipeline.

It happens that, meanwhile, the ISSB made several decisions that further clarify the role and evolution of the SASB Standards in response to extensive market feedback received on the draft IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, basically:

  • General Sustainability-related Disclosures (IFRS S1) and

  • Climate-related Disclosures (IFRS S2)

As SASB Standards can basically help companies identify their sustainability risks and opportunities along with metrics to use in their disclosures, follow some tips for how best to prepare for the future application of IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. And use 2023 for this preparation.

Here are three ways that leading companies are laying the groundwork even before these standards are finalized:

  • Evaluate internal systems and processes for collecting, aggregating and validating sustainability-related information across the organization and its value chain.

  • Consider the sustainability-related risks and opportunities that affect the business.

  • Review the ISSB’s proposed standards and supporting materials, including the SASB Standards, CDSB Framework, TCFD Recommendations and the Integrated Reporting Framework.

The ISSB will still issue IFRS S1 and IFRS S2 this year, although the effective date of the Standards is still to be decided. Earlier this years they were expected by June

and to become effective as of January 2024. But that is not 100% certain yet.

Click at the image below to read the SASB communiqué in full.


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