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Fundo Vale & Ecosecurities: "International Carbon Market Overview" (technical report in Portuguese)

Carbon Credits. Aiming to expand knowledge and training on the subject, the Vale Fundo sponsored and shared a few days ago a fantastic report prepared by Ecosecurities, from Pedro Moura Costa, Mariama Vendramini and colleagues. it is a very complete technical analysis of carbon markets. According to article at Fundo Vale's website, the work has a broad international perspective, result of an extensive bibliographic survey, research and analysis. Below we highlight some chapters of the report structure:

  1. Fundamentals of the Carbon Market

  2. Regulated carbon markets, ETS permits, carbon credit, carbon tax, carbon pricing in brazil

  3. Voluntary carbon market

  4. Emissions 1, 2 and 3

  5. Carbon inventory and carbon credits

  6. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (former CDM)

  7. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

  8. Golden Standard

  9. Global Carbon Council (GCC)

  10. Carbon credits project, transfer, trade and retirement cycles

  11. Price indicators

  12. Carbon Market and the Mineral Sector / IBRAM

Did we miss something? Very clear graphics and diagrams. The Glossary and List of Abbreviations is also incredibly good. See for yourself by clicking on the image below (Figure 10 of the report). Report only in Portuguese.

Post thanks to a tip from our esteemed reader Oscar Malvessi, prof. of Corporate Finance at FGV-EAESP and partner at Oscar Malvessi Consultoria em Valor.

PS. On the status of blockchain use and tokenization in the carbon market, see our series of posts here.


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