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France: Inauguration of the Saint-Priest Hydrogen Station. Another one.

HYmpulsion and its partners inaugurated last November 10th, in Saint-Priest, near Lyon in France, the third hydrogen distribution station of its network. This station designed and manufactured by Hydrogen Refueling Solutions will be able to supply light and heavy vehicles, contributing to the reduction of the region's carbon footprint. 🇧🇷

During the inauguration, some hydrogen vehicles already in use were presented: the Master Van H2 Tech from the company HYVIA, as well as a TOYOTA Miraï, and a HYUNDAI Nexo.

And so France actually expands its supply network for its fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles. This demonstrates the progress of the ZEV - Zero Emission Valley projects, a cooperation between ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition and CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.

Click here to read more about it in an article from (in French) and on the image below to get an idea of ​​the HYmpulsion supply network and electrolysers in that region of France.


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